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Brooklyn Celebrates Israel - Hadag Nahash LIVE

Dates Playing: 5/2/2018

Venue: Union Temple of Brooklyn

  5/2/2018 8:00 PM Find Tickets
Gold and Platinum album winners, Hadag Nahash are Israel’s most beloved band. Active and continuing to create for over 22 years, they revealed their newest album, “Welcome to Israel,” this month and are following its release with a brand new tour. Hadag Nahash’s NEW (and 10th!) album portrays the band members’ new state of mind. They are still playful and foolish, still love having fun, still fight for positive changes in society, and are still willing to work for their reforms, but, at the same time, they are also more sober-minded, and much more mature. They are partners and fathers now; so how can one find balance within the midst of such constraints? That equilibrium is exactly what “Welcome to Israel,” is all about! In their new album’s first single, “Od Yihiye Tov Be’eretzIsrael,” Hadag Nahash describes a harsh and sad reality, but, as is the band’s signature style, they end on an optimistic note by saying, “It will be good!” The album’s second single, “Matzbi’eim Baraglaim,” encourages us to stop fearing, and the third song, “Sa,” will undoubtedly make you want to get up and DANCE! Each and every one of their fans has a personal “Hadag Nahash playlist” that ties to a special moment or a time in their lives, and now, with their new tour, the band yet again invites you to “move” (“lazuz”) to their new songs, as well as their well-known classic hits.
Brooklyn Celebrates Israel - Hadag Nahash LIVE

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